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Fashion weeks are over...Fall Winter 07-08 Best!
ok..the shows were a bit disappointing..BUT! as always Valentino saved it all (super classy, I loved it)
so here are my fave pieces...yay for yellow!!!

Jessica Stam in Valentino

red Valentino (kim noorda)

Valentino (Emina)

Michael Kors - wonderful collection, clothes, shoes, bags everything!!

well, Hello Hot Guy! @Michael Kors

I heart this bag so much (M.Kors)

Best outfit @Missoni show

Jessica Stam with the best outfit by Dior (the rest was a bit too colorful)

Versace models*always* have the most awesome makeup

Cute hairstyle @Bottega Veneta show

Daria is back!! (Valentino)
Best purses:


and #1 bag AND shoes to die for from D&G
all pics from style.com


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