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Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been soooooooooooooooo bad
Not updating in a looooooooong time!!!

Anyhow...this is basically what happened...

I graduated!!!!! on th 4th of October

... and

I actually went to NYC with Peter right after it...it was just amazing!!!!!
We had so much fun, seen so many cool things, went on a Sex and The City tour, eaten in super cool places, bought 1 million things ...yay!

what else?? I've been working quite a lot in the last months...the summer was a mess I ended up in a holiday resort very close to my house after a week of hell in calabria..
..but then again I didnt quite get along with the bossy boss, so I quit! it was so good cos I finished my thesis in time for the October graduation!!!

well...guess I cant say I will update too soon...
Merry Christmas once again :)

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aiming for the sky above;